» » Windows 10 Enterprise 9 (x64) LTSC 1809 Independence

Windows 10 Enterprise 9 (x64) LTSC 1809 Independence

Windows 10 Enterprise 9 (x64) LTSC 1809 Independence
Size:4.63 GB

I really wanted to have this out by Independence Day, July 4th to honor ALL
the servicemen/servicewomen across the globe who do their best to keep our/their
countries safe from harm. I may not agree with some of the reasons why they
deploy, but they go without question and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.
I honor them all.

Disabled ALL Telemetry except Updates with Windows Privacy Dashboard

I added ONLY the bare minimum of programs. Mostly necessary things we all add anyway

7-Zip 1805 x64
Google Chrome Version 75.0.3770.100
HUD Machine Launch Icon Pack
MS Visual C++ AIO
Ribbon Disabler 4.0
Right Click Enhancer Pro
StartisBack++ 2.8.5
UltraUXTheme Patcher
WPD (Windows Privacy Dashboard)
1 Custom theme

Spoiler: Important Notes Note: Screen may go blank for a short time during INSTALL & BOOT, this
is normal, dont panic. Also, 1st boot may take a little while, so
be patient. Subsequent boots are much quicker.

Note: Preactivated fine when I installed in on My i5 (see images)
If for some reason it doesnt activate for you, then use treatment of choice.

Note: StartisBack seems to always lose activation when installed to a new system.
Make sure to download the patch (below). Prior to downloading and installing the
patch, disable anti-virus. Run the patch, click DEACTIVATE, then click ACTIVATE
again and all will be good. Delete patch afterwards and re-enable anti-virus.

Note: System is configured to autologon. If/When you decide to add your own personal
account and password, here are the goods:

Name: TeamOS
Password: teamos
All 3 security answers: teamos

Click "start" and type
NETPLWIZand click it when it shows on top bar.
checkmark the box next to "Users required to enter password to login"
Add your own account and make it an administrator, then delete TeamOS
account if you wish after you log back in as you.

Note:I wont be adding a Direct Download link for this one.
ONLY, so initial speeds will be slow til we get seeders.

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